Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party!

I am linking up with Latoya Reed of Flying into First Grade and sharing three things about myself related to my initials. 
My initials are LDJ - so...

L - Love where I live - to me the most beautiful place - on the coast of South Carolina! I live 5 minutes from the beach, river, and creek!

D - Love to draw - actually draw, make, color, paint... it helps me relax! Great thing about teaching kindergarten- they think everything I do is wonderful!! 

J - Love my job - love teaching kindergarten - I have been teaching for more than 24 years - still love what I do! Sometimes I am really tired - wish I could bottle up all my kindergarten kids energy just for me!


JennyB said...

24 years?!?! Wow! They fly by, don't they? I've taught for 16 and 11 of those in first, but I'm really thinking I need a change. Even with Common Core I feel like I've done it all. Maybe 3rd or 4th...That scares me to say that out loud, though!!
Love your blog design!
One Berry Blog

Sara said...

Yeah for kindergarten! I am on year 13 and could stay forever :) Happy to find out through the Linky.
Polka Dot Kinders

Traci Bender said...

Absolutely LOVE your decorated door!! I'm from North Carolina, but live in NV now. The carolinas are beautiful!

The Bender Bunch

Andrea said...

So glad you stopped by my blog! I absolutely love the coast of South Carolina and the beaches! We go most years and have talked about moving there some day!
Reading Toward the Stars

Khrys said...

I am sooo excited that I found your blog! Your Dr. Seuss graph is adorable, I just pinned it to remember for next year :) I am just like you, I love to draw and create! That's why kindergarten is so perfect for us! They eat that stuff up :) thanks for sharing your awesomeness, you rock!


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