Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Days, Busy Weeks, Busy Month - and more Dr. Seuss!

What a busy month - just now posting some of our Dr. Seuss activities!
Cat in the Hat art!

  Cat in the Hat drawings and stories!

Do you like green eggs and ham? Our graph after cooking and tasting green eggs and ham at school!

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Dr. Seuss Celebration - Cat in the Hat cupcakes!

Blogging Awards
I just love our blogging community! It is fun to share ideas and I have learned so much from many wonderful teachers!  I want to thank 3 sweet bloggers for awarding me blog awards! :) Special thanks to Michelle at Inspired By Kindergarten  blog and Kimberlee at  Two Fulbright Hugs blog for a the One Lovely Blog Award!
Special thanks to Ann at Mrs. Greene"s Kindergarten Corner for giving my blog the Top 10 Award! 

Check out their wonderful blogs! 

* I will be posting more pictures and some freebies later this week! :)
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