Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Behavior Clip Chart

This is the Behavior Clip Chart that I made last year. I did like how it worked in my classroom. I was tired of my green, yellow, red, cards. My kids needed a way to move up!  I have seen this idea on so many blogs last year, but first saw it at Sunny Days in Second Grade. I borrowed her polka dot border idea.:) Did add smileys... my kindergarten kids need the help of pictures. I did add a blue section - Excellent Effort. 
. This is how I hung it in my classroom - hung on ribbon. I needed it big to attach my 25 kindergarten clips! I have to redo it this summer - it was not laminated well. I thought about changing it, but it worked and goes well with my polka dot, zebra - sort of bright colored monkey jungle theme! :)


Miss Squirrels said...

I like the Excellent Effort!
That has to make them feel great when they move up one!!!

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MrsMc said...

This is a very cute idea!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Michelle said...

I'm changing up my behavior plan a little this year and it is similar to the clipping system!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend!

Kimberly Santana said...

I use a clip chart it :)

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Pam said...

Hello, I am also using a clip chart. This is actually my first time using this system. I was tired of my green/yellow/red stoplight system. I need a change. I was wondering how did you attach the ribbon to the back of the cards? I found some really cute ribbon and I was thinking of doing mine kinda like that, but not sure how to do it. Thanks, my email is if you can email me.

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I truly appreciate it!! I tried responding to you via email, but unfortunately your blog isn't set up to do that :( if you need help to change that I just blogged about it :)


Jessica Stanford
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Fern Smith said...

I love the photos of your Classroom Expectations board, thank you!
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Mrs. M said...

Love this!! I am also using a clip chart this year...thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. Lindsey said...

I'm really thinking about doing a clipchart this year. Yours is so cute!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Louanne said...

Thanks for all the the nice comments! :) Will post my new clip chart soon!

The Wells' Family said...

Hi this clip chart. I teach kindergarten too. How did your kids do with understanding the smiley many of them couldn't read the words. Did you send a daily note home too?
Thanks! Dana

Mrs. Egley said...

Okay Louanne I love your advice about my clipchart -- hot gluing it to the ribbon and then adding magnet to the back of the ribbon to stay put!!!! Excellent - I think you solved my problem!! Thank you for the wonderful advice!

Louanne said...

Dana, I just found your blog, but could not post on it yet! I sent home a monthly communication sheet that was initialed and returned every day in each child's comm. folder. Each day, I gave each child a face :) if they stayed on green or up to blue, pink, purple. I have a superstar stamped that I also stamped over the smiley if they got on pink or purple. If a child got on purple, they got a sparkle rhinestone on their clip! If a child moved down to yellow - it was a warning and they still got a smiley face after we discussed... Moved to orange they got a :| straight face - meaning you can do better. On red, they got a :( sad face - hated to give those. The children caught on quickly and most parents paid attention and initialed folders daily. If a child received a :| or :( face - I added a note on a sheet behind the communication sheet. This is very wordy -hope it makes sense! :)

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