Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sight Word Help and a freebie!

Teaching sight words in kindergarten is tough - especially now when we have over 80 teach! Just curious - how many words do other kindergarten teachers teach? I think 80 is too many! We practice our words daily, write them , clap them, sing them... still hard for many! On Friday, we play WORDO (like BINGO). My kindergarten kids love it and we use candy for counters! When finished, they have to color the word box to match the color of the word on our Word Wall! Our new game is Pizza WORDO - lots of fun too! My kids write a Word Wall Word on the pizza crust. When the word is called out, they color in the pepperoni - it is a new favorite! :)


Jessica said...

Our students are expected to learn 100 sight words. I use the Heidi Songs DVDs to teach sight words and they are phenomenal! My kiddos really catch on and I'll hear them humming the songs during Writer's Workshops or when they are reading independently and come across a sight word. You should really check them out, you'll love them!

The Littlest Scholars

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Love this!
First Grade Blue SKies

Kelly said...

80 is a big requirement! We are required to teach 23 but the REAL expectation is that we take the children as far into the first grade list as right now my students can read anywhere from 30-200 sight words. The students still at 30 are ELL/sped. kiddos.

Kindergarten Kel

Louanne said...

I will check out Heidi's Songs DVDs - her stuff is so good! Love to hear what expectations are from other kindergarten teachers. My children doing well in my classroom with standards... know their words. It is my children (have lots of these) that had no preschool, knew no letters, sounds... that are struggling with the words. I also have a good many students with special needs, special issues...

Linda McCardle said...

I just found your blog and agree with the other comments. The kids love Heidisongs and not only do they learn the sight words, but can spell them as well!Our state says 30 words, but our county wants our children to be on DRA level 4, so they need to know at least 100 words to be successful. I send home word lists with incentives so parents get involved too!
A Teachers Touch

Liz said...

Is that the Trailblazers math worm in your second picture? :)

Stickers, Scissors, and Smiles

Busy Bees said...

My word...we just upped ours to 37 from 20 a couple of years ago. Cute games to help you...I feel for you!

Louanne said...

No, it is not The Trailblazers math worm. Just one I do all year - The Counting Caterpillar - add a circle for each day of school! :)

It's a Jungle Out There! said...

I am your newest follower =) I bubble letter LOVE your blog!! I love all the great ideas!
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