Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

Teacher Talk Tuesday - Advice
1. Love your job - you get to laugh and play all day!
2. Give lots of hugs - might be the only hug/touch that a child gets all day!
3. Be very firm - especially the first few weeks. Young kids need structure to feel safe!
4. Communicate with everyone - especially parents. Do not assume that they know anything about your classroom.... I send a detailed newsletter each week.
5. Keep your rules simple and review each day!
6. Be patient and be consistent!
7. Share with others and be open to new ideas! 
8. Keep reading and learning as a teacher. I have taught a long time and I love to grow and learn with my kids and other teachers!
9. Appreciate all you have - be thankful! PRAY!
10. Save enough of yourself for the ones you love at home! :)


Ms. Preppy said...

Great advice! I especially love number 2. I try to love on all my babies every day for that reason!

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