Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I won!!

I cannot believe that I won another giveaway!! So excited that I won a  Scentsy Teacher Warmer from
Flip Flop Teacher!! Hope this means lots of good luck and blessings with my new crop of Kindergarten Kids and as I continue to explore the world of blogging teachers!! Hope I can get in my room soon to take some pictures and share some ideas with others!! Need to come up with a great giveaway too! :)


Christie said...


I'll be putting in my Scentsy by the end of this upcoming week so I'm going to add your order in. I'll need to know your favorite scent and your address. If you haven't ever ordered let me know what kind of smells you like and I'll do my best to suggest some smells. Email me at TeachinHeels at Congrats again!!

♥ Krystyi
Teaching in Flip Flops

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